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groom-lounge-suit-or-tailsYour wedding day is perhaps the only day in your life when what you wear is vital to your chosen partner’s happiness.  Unlike we chaps, many ladies have a clear idea of how their wedding day will look – and that most certainly includes you.

It’s vital however that you play an active role in the selection of your attire for the big day.  After all it’s your day too and you want to look at every photo with pride – and not just in your choice of wife!

Tails has been the traditional wedding outfit since the 1930’s and bring an old-fashioned glamour to the occasion that is impossible to beat.  Today’s tails suits are however designed with plenty of contemporary style, so that you will look and feel incredible.

However tails aren’t for everybody. They simply don’t suit some tastes, and for other gentlemen they can feel too much. Take a look at our Lounge Suit Collection.