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Black herringbone tailcoat made from pure wool, available in slim and standard fit















































Tails can make a chap look slimmer, taller and generally extremely elegant.   Our customers have been known to say that when wearing tails they feel the need to stand taller, maintain a smart posture and generally feel smarter than when wearing a lounge suit.  Our newly introduced slim fit jacket option brings a whole new level of contemporary style and has proven very popular grooms and groomsmen of every age.

Tails aren’t for everybody however, you may also want to take a look at our Lounge Suits.  Whatever suit you choose however, the defining moment has to be your choice of waistcoat.  Choose from more than 20 styles, including the new bow cut and low V cut, in traditional ivory or the matching suit fabric, or indeed have your own waistcoats made to order in any of over 300 colours, ensuring that you perfectly co-ordinate with the bride’s colour theme.

Whatever your hopes and dreams for wedding day, we can help bring them to fruition.  When you choose Groom, it’s all about you.