Groom's Knight in Shining Armor...but where's he got to now?

Where’s Arthur ?



Our Arthur is quite a charmer!

In a world already filled with romance (we do spend our days working with happy couples!) he’s the perfect example of the knight in shining armor – or even amour! – who sweeps ladies off their feet and rides away in a cloud of dust.

Unlike the Grooms we meet however, Arthur’s a bit of a wanderer. He’s always out and about, seeking maidens to rescue and dragons to fight.

Watch this space to find out where Arthur’s got to on his travels now.  If you spot him before we do…you could win a prize!  Follow us on Facebook and watch out for special Arthur competitions!

Arthur’s no Fool, though he does like to play the odd practical joke.  He’s taken himself off today and left no more than a single clue…”You might expect to find me jousting here, on the ground before my King’s abode, but instead I find myself supping ale!”  Where is the handsome devil?!

Arthur at Manchester City You can’t say Arthur is partisan in his support, he just loves the beautiful game and with two such great clubs so close by there’s no stopping him getting there as often as he can!

He’s had many an approach to act as team mascot, but our boy’s not one for dressing up.  We agree, there’s nothing like a knight in shining armor to get the heart beating and the blood pumping…even when it’s mainly the ladies so affected!


Arthur at Manchester United






Arthur doesn’t actually support a particular team, but he’s heard that the chaps at Manchester United are a pretty smart bunch and popped along to provide some sartorial advice.  While there they gave him some tips on scoring, as he’s a little rusty in that department…


He’s done it again!  Arthur slipped off while we weren’t looking and this time headed off to Chester, where he loves to patrol the Walls as in days gone by.  We caught him deep in thought – ‘if he could remain undetected till midnight, would he get away with loosing an arrow at a Welshman?’  NO Arthur! Times have changed and shooting Welshmen within the Chester Walls in the hours of darkness is NOT acceptable!

Arthur In Warrington


Arthur disappeared from his usual spot this morning and was only discovered thanks to our Facebook followers, who reported his presence in Warrington; a favourite haunt, he’s rather fond of all the pretty girls to be found there!